After studying Public Relations and Marketing, Michele started her career in this field, which fulfilled her love of writing and event management.  She later moved into the mobile industry where she gained experience in client services, loyalty programs, sales management, as well as general management.

Michele experienced much success in the corporate world, where she worked for more than 20 years and attributes much of her success to her ability to work well with people as well as her well-honed soft skills.


Her corporate experience has given her a clear understanding of the environment and the challenges it presents.  Dealing with people motivated her to research human behaviour and the influence soft skills have on career development.


Michele started to create course material that she could share with her teams, which soon became her passion!  After completing a facilitators course and becoming an accredited transformation coach, she started Dazzle Courses, which focuses on soft skills training.


Michele creates course material, facilitates, and speaks at events.

Founder & CEO