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Personal Branding - 2020

Now, more than ever, ensuring that you have a professional and authentic Personal Brand is critical. Why do I say this? There are numerous reasons, but for me the most important one is to ensure that you can engage with others while being truly authentic. This can be difficult in normal circumstances, but when your entire life goes virtual, it can be more challenging.

Building a Personal Brand takes thought and time, and you should never start “advertising” your brand without knowing exactly what it stands for. No company will take their brand to market without clearly understanding their purpose, vision, and mission. They also put a great deal of effort into creating their logo and the colours they use to represent it, and they are careful on what their brand is associated with. Why would you not do the same for the brand that is YOU?

Have some fun, you are the author, this is your story, you get to decide every chapter and the eventual outcome.

Some Tips:

Get to Know Yourself. This may sound obvious, but we are so conditioned to be a certain way that we don’t take the time to figure out if what is expected of us is who we truly are.

Be Clear on Your Goals. I know, this sounds rudimentary, but you may be surprised at how many people are not clear on what they want from life.

Figure out What Needs to Be Worked On. There is no doubt, when you start to uncover who you truly are, and the direction in which you want to take your life, you will discover that there are areas you need to develop.

What is Your Message? If somebody asked you the question “What do you do?” What is your answer? Is it compelling? Do you have an elevator pitch? If not, develop one.

Your Logo. This frustrates many people, but the truth is, appearance matters. Represent your brand with a professional image of yourself.

Create a Plan. Much the same as a company would have a Marketing or Sales Plan, the same applies to a Personal Brand. Think about your “go to market strategy”.

Remain Relevant. Building a Personal Brand is step 1. Remaining relevant and current follows.

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